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GAA's 27,000 square foot training center is one of the largest in the Southeast including a comfortable 140 foot long viewing area for our athletes' parents and spectators.


Equipment available to our athletes includes:

3 In-ground foam training pits

2 In-ground tumbling tracks (40ft. trampoline)

4 In-ground trampolines

16 Balance beams

12 Single rail training bars (2 with training pit dismount)

5 Sets of uneven bars (1 for Divisions 4-6)

2 High bars

2 Pommel horses 

Mushroom trainers 

3 Sets of rings 

Parallel bar trainers
2 Sets of Parallel bars 

2 Spring floors

2 Spring tumble strips with training pit dismount

2 Vault tables

3 Vault table trainers and 2 flat back stations 

A truly awesome pre-gym area!
Dance room for mirror work.

 Safety is our number one focus in all training. 

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