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Pre-Gym Program 
Our Pre-Gym Program is divided into 8 separate classes grouped by age. Age ranges are from 12 months to 5 years.


Recreational GymnasticS Programs
Recreational Programs are great for boys and girls ages 5-17. They are grouped by divisions based on skill level and age. We also offer tumbling and trampoline, tumbling for cheer and sports readiness.

Team Programs
Team Programs include competitive and non-competitive groups. We are a USAG member club and compete in USAG sanctioned local and national competitions.

Tumbling for Cheer 
Tumbling classes focus on the tumbling aspect of cheerleading. 

Students are divided by skill level and progress individually as skills are achieved.

Tumbling and Trampoline 
Tumbling and Trampoline classes focus on the progressive training of both floor and trampoline skills in a safe and fun environment. Level advancement is acquired through training and successfully executing skills and routines on both floor and trampoline that are prepared for the skill level of the athlete.


Summer Camps

There is nothing around like a GAA Summer Day Camp. We are already planning for next year so look for Summer Camp information now!

"Schools Out" Day Camps
When school is off for fall, winter or spring breaks or even teachers' workdays, come spend a fun, high energy day here with us.

Birthday Parties 

Birthday Parties at GAA are GYMTASTIC! Parties are offered for students and non-students. GAA parties are one and a half hours long and include gymnastics fun and instruction, snack time, and gift time.

Parents' Night Out
Once a month give Mom and Dad a night off and come have a blast here at GAA. Bring a friend or make new ones while you enjoy a high energy evening of activities and fun.


Private Lessons
Private lessons are designed to give students personal, individualized time, in addition to their weekly recreational classes.

$30 for 30 minutes

$60 for one hour

$40 registration fee must be paid

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