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Division 1 

(8:1 student/teacher ratios - 1 hr)
 Introduction to gymnastics and the four Olympic Women's events--

vault, bars, beam and floor exercise--and the six Men's events--floor exercise,

rings, pommel horse, vault, parallel bars and high bar.  Students will be

introduced to gymnastic positions and body control and awareness.  Curriculum

focuses on mastery of the basic body positions, balance, rolling, weight transfer

and the building of strength necessary for more advanced skills.


Division 2 
(8:1 student/teacher ratios- 1 hr)
Beginner gymnastics for students with gymnastics or
dance experience, 

including Pre-Gym.  The curriculum focuses on skills such as vault fundamentals,

pullovers and casts, various traveling skills on beam and intermediate weight transfer. Boys emphasis will be on form, skill acquisition and connections.

Division 3 
(8:1 student/teacher ratios- 1 hr)
Advanced beginner gymnastics for students who have gained confidence on all the Olympic

events (at various heights) and have sufficient strength to support their own body

weight while also controlling their body movements.  The curriculum

emphasis is on vault flat backs, back hip circles, introduction to dance and

tumbling on beam and round-offs and backwards skills leading to back handsprings.  

Boys will continue to work skill combinations on all Olympic equipment. 



Division 4 
(8:1 student/teacher ratios- 1.5 hr)
This class is for intermediate level students. A higher level of endurance is required since

this class meets for 1.5 hours and includes greater strength and flexibility training.  

Focus continues on skill acquisition with an increased emphasis on form.

Curriculum includes advance flat backs on vault, moving from low to high bar as well as swinging, cartwheels on beam and the introduction of the back handspring.


DivisionS 5 & 6 
(8:1 student/teacher ratios- 1.5 hr) 
Divisions 5 and 6 are advanced level gymnastics.  The divisions are combined as gymnasts

start to become event specialists as they excel on one event and struggle on others.

  Thus, students may be a G5 on bars and a G6 on floor.  The curriculum focuses on

front handspring vaults, front hip circles, long hang pullover and kips on bars, leaps,

full turns and back walk overs on beam, and round-off back handsprings and

beyond on floor.  Conditioning continues to be a cornerstone of this class.


Rec league 

(10:1 student/teacher ratios

 meets twice a week for 2 hrs)

Rec League is open to all gymnasts who have been promoted to at least G4--you do

NOT have to tryout to participate.  Rec League has 4 competitive levels:  

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.  All members will train, learn routines

and compete on all Olympic events.   Routines are written according to

USAG Xcel requirements.  New routines are  choreographed every other year and floor

routines are performed to music  (current music and routines were introduced

in the Fall of 2016).   GAA hosts 5 Rec League meets per year--most meets are

held on Sundays.  There are additional fees incurred each year to cover the cost of 

meets and team  leotard (fees vary each year).  New team leotard styles are

introduced every other year as well (current leotard was new in the Fall of 2016). 

Contact Ms. Beth for more information

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