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The Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta has designed our Tumbling Program to meet the needs of our community. Tumbling students wear shorts and T-shirts. Shoes are optional. If shoes are worn, they must be supportive sneakers.


Level 1
(8:1 student-teacher ratio - 1 hr)
This class is for the beginner tumbler and will focus on body awareness, control and position. The following skills will need to be mastered before progressing to Level 2: handstand, cartwheel, round-off, and front and back walkovers.


Level 2 
(8:1 student-teacher ratio - 1 hr) 
This class will continue to focus on body control and body position with heavy emphasis on the back handspring. The following skills need to be mastered before progressing to Level 3: standing back handspring (down the incline, on the tramp and on the floor) and round-off back handspring (on the tramp and on the floor).


Level 3 

(8:1 student-teacher ratio - 1 hr)
This class focuses on building momentum for the connection of skills as well as front tumbling.  Once the front handspring and back handspring series has been perfected, students will now move on to the front and back tuck. This class will work on both standing and running tucks and mastery of the following skills before moving to Level 4: standing back tuck, back handspring back tuck, punch fronts and round-off-back handspring-back tuck.


 Level 4 
(8:1 student-teacher ratio - 1.5 hr) 
This is an advanced class for those students who have progressed beyond back tucks.  This class focuses on front/back layouts and beyond including twisting. This class will focus on connecting jumps to tucks as well as fulls and double fulls. This class is designed for students  who have a minimum of a tuck.

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