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Rec League


Tuition is $200/MONTH

Additional fees are required for leotard & meets

Register through the Parent Portal 


(8:1 student/teacher ratio, meets twice a week for 2 hrs)

Rec League is open to all gymnasts who have been promoted to at least G4--you do NOT have to tryout to participate.  Rec League has 4 competitive levels:  Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.  All members will train, learn routines and compete on all Olympic events.   Routines are written according to USAG Xcel requirements.  New routines are choreographed every other year and floor routines are performed to music (new music and routines for Fall 2022).   GAA hosts 5 Rec League meets per year--most meets are held on Sundays.  There are additional fees incurred each year to cover the cost of meets plus a team leotard (fees vary by year). 


  2022-2023 Meet Fees:

Full Year:  $300 (5 meets)

After 3/27/23:  $100 (1 meet)

  (includes leotard)  

ALL Fees are Due By Fri 5/5/23 

  2022-2023 Meet Schedule  

Weekend of May 20th-21st

(GAA Classic At GAA--open to all recreational gymnasts)

Contact Ms. Beth for more information.



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